Self Portrait of Paul Cherol

About Paul Cherol & PJC Imagery

Hello! I’m Paul J. Cherol the owner, photographer and artist of PJC Imagery.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site and view my work.  I’ve been shooting professionally now for about a decade, but just recently started to consider the commercial segment of photography.  I find working with inanimate objects to be a very different and intriguing challenge.  Bringing out the appeal and essence of objects is a distinctively different process than that of doing it with people.  For me there’s a peace and serenity I get when photographing products, buildings and/or properties.  I find both types of photography equally enjoyable and rewarding but for very different reasons.  It’s genuinely a blessing to change gears every so often from shooting the fast paced weddings/events and slow down a bit and be able to methodically shoot still objects.  The often unrushed process of commercial photography affords me to be more creative and foresighted.

Okay enough about that stuff, let me tell you about who I am and how I see it.  Through my work and my life for that matter, I hope to inspire people to be better.  For me, being better just means striving to be more Loving.  Yes, in my eyes it’s just that simple; I need, you need, we all need more Love in our hearts.  But how, some might ask.  Well, since this little write-up is about me, I’ll tell you how I see it.  Get Jesus!  Again it’s simple.  Get Him and you got Love!  Peace!

Any other questions about Photography or how I see it, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Contact Info, Peace!