About Paul Cherol & PJC Imagery

Hello! I’m Paul J. Cherol the owner, photographer and artist of PJC Imagery; I’m also the author and creator of this site.

I appreciate you taking the time and visiting my site, I hope you enjoy my site. I’ve been a visual person ever since I could remember.  I’ve studied art in high school and college.  It was in college though that I started to take pictures and then ended up minoring in photography.  After my college days I worked for several years as a graphic designer and then shifted gears and worked for the Department of Juvenile Justice for over a decade.  I was always shooting photography during this time but it was just a hobby until more recently.  After much consideration and many prayers I decided to pursue my true passion, creative imagery and chose photography for my media.

My Canon DSLR cameras, lens’ and Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom are my tools of choice!  My goal as a photographer is to capture those special moments in a uniquely pleasing fashion so you can cherish them for a lifetime.  My focus is to portray more than just a likeness, I shoot to capture the essence of my subject. Providing my clients with a distinctly unique image that depicts character, appeal and substance, is my ultimate aim.

I totally believe in the importance of keeping a strong hold on our special memories and as a photographer, strive to help preserve them for my clients.

Whether in your home or out on location, all sessions are fun, unrushed and informal.  I avoid using excessive use of props which allows me to focus the attention on the most important element in the photograph… You and your love ones.  Enjoy my site and if you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Contact Info, Peace!

Paul J Cherol